Beaufort, SC


From Thaddeus Von Clegg’s 1840 workshop to contemporary electric kazoos, The Kazoo Museum guides you through the engaging journey of one of America’s only homegrown instruments.

Founded in 2007 The Kazoo Museum is now housed at the Kazoo Factory in Beaufort, SC and hosts a collection of nearly two-hundred unique kazoo-related items. From some of the first kazoos ever manufactured to contemporary kazoo innovation, children and adults alike are sure to be fascinated by the delightful and compelling history of the kazoo.

Make sure to tour the factory and visit the gift shop for hours of kazoo-related fun!

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Welcome to The Kazoo Museum

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Visiting the Museum

Important Kazoo Links

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Kazoo America: Famed kazooist Barbara Stewart’s campaign site to promote the kazoo as national instrument.

Captain Kazoo: A veritable treasure trove of kazoo related information, videos, and pictures.

Dexter Street Stompers: KEXP’s official jug band features a healthy amount of kazoo.

The O’Funnigan Brothers: A popular American kazoo band.


Make sure to visit the new Kazoo Museum Blog!
Make sure to visit the new Kazoo Museum Blog!