Beaufort, SC


Classic Kazoos

With an extensive assortment of early kazoos and kazoo patents, this collection celebrates the classic submarine shape of the kazoo. After all, the instrument was originally known as the Down South Submarine.

Kazoo Innovation

It didn’t take long for manufacturers to discover that there are infinite possibilities when it comes to kazoo design. This collection explores the range of creative shapes, materials, and technology used when creating new kazoos. The collection includes kazoos shaped like popular cartoon characters and brass instruments, kazoos made of bamboo and wood, and even electric kazoos!

Kazoo Music

Informal kazoo groups are being formed daily but many people don’t know about the many kazoo bands that have existed throughout the instrument’s history. Records and sheet music are on display representing groups such as Kazoophony, Temple City Kazoo Orchestra, The Kazoo Brothers, and others.

The Kaplan & Kirstein Family Changing Exhibits Case

Kazoos from different countries and eras are placed side by side to encourage discussion and emphasize the evolution and artistry of the instrument. From the 1944 Hum-N-Drum to Schylling’s contemporary All in One Band; these kazoos are sure to impress and provoke conversation.

About the Museum

Established in 2007 by Boaz Frankel the Kazoo Museum's first location was in downtown Seattle, Washington. Tripling in size in its first year the Kazoo Museum moved to a new location in Seattle as press coverage poured in from KUOW Public Radio, Seattle Magazine, and more.

The museum closed temporarily in late 2008 and the collection moved to Portland, Oregon as the search for a new location began. In early 2010 Frankel was invited by Rick Hubbard and Stephen Murray to move the museum cross-country to the Kazoobie Kazoos factory in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Installed in June 2010, the Kazoo Museum is proud to be a part of the new Kazoo Factory and is excited to educate, entertain, and engage adults and children alike with the captivating history of the kazoo.


About the Collection

Visiting the Museum

Make sure to visit the new Kazoo Museum Blog!
Make sure to visit the new Kazoo Museum Blog!